Michael C. Hall Gets A Kiss In Los Feliz

Michael Storms Comic Con
Hall Looks Handsome While Promoting 'Dexter'
Kill Your Darlings actor, and former Dexter star, Michael C. Hall enjoyed a romantic morning stroll with his girlfriend Morgan MacGregor and his dog in Los Feliz, California yesterday (November 3, 2013).

Morgan surprised Michael with a kiss on the cheek, and he looked a bit shocked that the paparazzi caught the peck on camera.

Hall opened up to talk show host Conan O’Brian about his past experiences with photo-shoots back in the ‘Dexter’ days. “I think I was a little too accommodating looking back,” Hall says. “Too much blood on the face. But I think that’s over now.” 

Michael also talked about some of the things he’s had to do for members of the Dexter fandom when they approach him for photos, and that he will no longer do some of their requests, such as simulating murder. Aww, bummer.

Although he’s perhaps not ready to put his Dexter days behind him, as he does have an exception to the rule. “If somebody brings a prop I’ll use it, but generally no. I’m not going to do that. I’ll smile,” Hall says.

More from Michael’s appearance on Conan is below. Plus, check out the pics of Michael getting a kiss in the gallery.