Michael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter File For Divorce

As one couple ties the knot, another bids adieu to a love that once was.  Dexter co-stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, who married on December 31st, 2008, announced yesterday that they are divorcing, according to Entertainment Weekly.  While reps for both actors give the ole’ “we will remain friends and respectful of one another blah blah blah,” Access Hollywood tells another story (one that’s more believable than the fabled “amicable parting of ways”).

Sources from the Showtime hit claim the couple (who play siblings Deborah and Dexter Morgan) have NOT been getting along on set.  Carpenter was mentioned as talking about her marital problems in front of cast and crew members.  One source told Access Hollywood,  “Hall, Carpenter and the rest of the show’s cast are very worried about how the two of them are going to work as closely together on set next season as they’re usually required to do.”  At Dexter’s fifth season finale party in New York City Sunday night, only Carpenter was there to celebrate.  Hall, who completed treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma earlier this year, was not present at the festivities.

The finale drew in 2.9 million viewers, and has been picked up for a sixth season.  Time to iron out those issues, kiddos.