Michael C. Hall and James Marsden in ‘The Dead Circus’

April 5th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Well, this is a far cry from last weekend’s Hop for James Marsden, but familiar territory for Dexter star Michael C. Hall, seen here heading to yoga class in Hollywood, CA. According to MovieWeb.com, Marsden and Hall are teaming up for Adam Davenport’s directorial debut: The Dead Circus, that delves into the mystery behind the death of ‘I Fought the Law’ singer Bobby Fuller.

Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and Michael Shannon have also signed onto the film that hopes to prove Fuller’s death was not a suicide, but part of the Manson Family Cult’s plot to kill celebrities.

Leo will play a Manson family member who comes out of hiding after five years with promises of a 16mm film that will reveal details about Fuller’s death. Charles Manson will be played by Marsden and Hall and Shannon will play Fuller’s managers.

Talk about a far cry from the Modern Family man!

By Samantha Eng

  1. John Novak

    Bobby Fuller was my birth father. He was more than a one hit wonder, having 3 hits, TV spots and a movie appearance after moving out to LA from El Paso. The Manson’s and Sinatra’s didn’t kill him. Those close to the story have a good idea who did. Read all the available interviews and there’s only a few conclusions one can come to. Bobby was an amazing talent and I hope this movie pays him the credit he deserves. Also, suicide was later changed to “accident”, however, we know he was murdered.

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