Michael Buble Performs, Both On And Off Stage

March 5th, 2014 // 1 Comment

Preparing yourself to perform a concert in front of thousands of people must be more than a little stressful, but most celebrities handle the situation with grace and ease. Some even perform when they have no obligation to.

Michael Buble played a concert in Manchester, UK recently, his third night out of five at the Phones 4u Arena. Michael was looking sharp, as usual, in a black suit, white dress shirt, and black bow tie. Some celebs wear tight pants or crazy outfits for concerts. Michael Buble wears suits. What a classy man he is. 

Michael performed a great show on stage, but that wasn’t the only place he performed. Perhaps his performance went so well because he had a fun little warm up before hand. In his dressing room before the show, Michael and his band performed the song “Crazy” by Patsy Cline, just for kicks.

It definitely takes a true performer to want to be performing all the time, even when they’re not onstage. Props to you Michael. You’re a good one.

This isn’t the first time Michael has performed for Instagram. He posted a similar video recently, but this one included a special guest in the ensemble – his adorable baby son, Noah! So cute, I’m dying. Almost as cute as the time baby Noah met Mickey Mouse. Adorable. Michael, everything you do is perfect.

By Caitlin Anders

  1. Deb

    I am a long term fan of Michael Buble , have been to 5 concerts, have all cd’s he has ever made,never to a meet and greet though, still a goal to meet him, love the guy and his music, he shows on stage that he gets much joy from performing, so glad that he has found his soul mate and true love and they have had a healthy little bubble. Thank you Michael for all of the enjoyment you have given me.

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