Michael Buble Gears Up For His Second Wedding (To The Same Woman)

Michael Buble is marrying wife Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre AGAIN.  This time, in Canada among 500 of his closest friends and family.  Buble told Entertainment Tonight Canada, “It’s just another excuse to celebrate our love, have a few drinks and to dance all night.”

The two embarked on an Italian honeymoon in late April, but Buble thinks space brings couples close together.  “If I look like I’m content, it’s because she’s been in Argentina for a week and I’ve been [in Canada],” Buble said jovially. “We love each other so much, we totally need a break. … By the end [of the honeymoon], you want to kill each other.”

“I’m happy.  I think she feels the same way, too.”

PHOTOS: Michael Buble And Luisana Lopilato Enjoy Their Honeymoon In Venice, Italy

Of their first wedding in Argentina in March, Buble gushed about his new wife (which makes us love Buble even more).  According to People, the crooner said that the Argentinian actress, “looked so gorgeous and, ah, we were just saying before the cameras turned on that everyone says, ‘Marriage – nothing changes. Oh, it’s just a piece of paper.’ But I love her more. It’s obviously more serious, and you make some promises that are more important to keep.”