Michael Buble & Ed Helms Ham It Up Prior To Tonight’s Christmas Special [VIDEO]

I.  Friggin’.  Love. Michael Buble.  He is humor and music wrapped in the most luxurious wrapping paper one has ever laid eyes on.  Tonight, we share in the wonder of the holidays on NBC with A Michael Buble Christmas at 9 pm P.S.T, with special guests Kellie Pickler and Justin Bieber.  In the clip, Buble brings along Ed Helms to channel their alter egos, Duffy And Valhalla to promote their album, Ain’t Not Not Lovin’ You.  If that isn’t a Chester-The-Molester mustache…

Buble, spotted in Berlin, Germany yesterday (December 5th), spoke to Parade Magazine about his holiday album, Christmas and hanging with his grandpa.

On his holiday album being the most important of his career: The first record that inspired me was Bing Crosby’s Christmas album, which played in our house every holiday season. It was my introduction to jazz and melody and to emotion connected to music. I hope that one day when I’m long gone, some kid will be listening to my record the way I listened to Bing’s. God, that sounds morbid. I’m already planning my death!

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On how he spends his Sundays: I’ll hang with Grandpa and his buddies at the local McDonald’s and talk hockey for hours. And I like to cook at home. I make a really nice asparagus risotto, and flan with dulce de leche.