Michael Buble Dares The Toxins to Stay in His Skin

Michael Buble In Ireland
Michael Buble spreads holiday cheer in Dublin
Michael Buble wishes those toxins in his skin would try something. Seriously. Just look at that grimace in this photo his wife, Luisana Lopilatoposted to Instagram of the singer wearing a skin-purifying face mask. Beware all blackheads and whiteheads plotting to emerge!

And the treatment seems to have worked, as Michael was over-the-top full of energy during his stint at the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show, jumping out of his seat with excitement and clean skin. 

Part of Michael’s excitement can probably be attributed to the fact that he is pumped to meet his firstborn child.

Or as I’m sure Michael frequently croons to his wife’s belly, “I just haven’t met you yet…”