Michael Buble Brings His Holiday Cheer To BBC Radio, Plays It Cool With The Fans

Michael Loves Fatherhood
Michael Buble opens up about being a new dad
Can we all agree that Michael Buble is the personification of holiday cheer?

I mean, there’s a reason the guy has a holiday special on TV every year. Michael was spotted bringing that holiday cheer to London today as he left BBC Radio. Michael, where’s your beautiful wife?

And more importantly, where’s your ridiculously cute son? Why can’t celebrities just take their kids everywhere? What better way to spread some holiday love than with Michael’s singing and his son’s cuteness? 

Sounds like a win to me. Also, can we all take a moment and discuss Michael’s jacket? The denim/leather is actually super attractive. Too bad he wasn’t wearing denim/leather pants. I don’t know if they exist, but I like to picture it looking like this in my head.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the crooner in London. I love how he’s just keeping a straight face with this fans. Although he seems like the type to straight face then do something crazy right before the picture gets taken.