M.I.A. Unleashes Creativity Upon Defenseless Baby ‘Ickitt’

March 6th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Funky vocalist M.I.A. has never been much of a conformist, but now she’s brought her newborn son into that socially irreverent ‘tude  – without even asking permission. 

The ‘Paper Planes‘ singer and her fiancé Benjamin Brewer have decided to name their kid Ickitt.  As in “ick it’s peeing everywhere!” or “ick, it just picked it’s nose and then ate it!”

I think there should be affirmative action for kids with ridiculous
names, where they can petition for an official name change as early as
age four.  Walking into a room full of crayon-stealing, line-cutting
Kindergartners is scary enough.

Gallery Info: M.I.A. at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards

By Laura Bulchis

  1. www.blahgirls.com

    Ickett’s starting to grow on me a bit!

  2. wlsidl

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  3. Spell Girl

    That’s just a stupid name…full stop.

  4. me

    she said that’s not his name.

  5. zoe

    They did no name their baby Ickitt … i get the fact your random celebrity gossip usually has zero street cred- but you way off base on this one.

  6. Wztgvbki

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