Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Gala: Celebs Galore

March 15th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Highly visible couple Kanye West and girlfriend Amber Rose have been painting the town red, out shopping, hitting up the front row at the catwalk for Fashion Week in Paris and now they’ve taken their show to the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Gala in New York City.

Amber Rose is not shy. You will not hear this woman complaining about photographers following her ass around. And I can’t help but like her for it. Makes my job easier.

Mary Kate Olsen seems to be suffering from Taylor Momsen disease. Ginnifer Goodwin is looking pretty, but serious as hell. I know it’s a gala, girl, and you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes and possibly a girdle, but gives us a smile. Patricia Clarkson is a testament to the importance of sunscreen. That woman’s skin looks amazing.

Gallery Info: Kanye West, Amber Rose, Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, Parker Posey, Claire Danes, Becki Newton, Zoe Saldana, Claudia Schiffer, Willem Dafoe, Ginnifer Goodwin, Emily Mortimer, Jeremy Irons, Julianna Marguiles, Alessandro Nivola, Patricia Clarkson, Brooke Shields and Mary Kate Olsen at the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Gala.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    Kanye’s woman looks like she could open a can of whoop-ass on him any minute now. He’d better be nice to her!

  2. kaligula

    for someone who is in the modeling business, amber rose does not carry her body well. maybe it’s just a bad moment in this photo, and also a bad dress to be posing like that in, but she looks ridiculously amateur here, it seems to me. terrible shoes too. she needs to find stuff that actually works for her. i bet kanye puts a lot of pressure on her to look a certain way. maybe that’s making her lose her good sense.

  3. T-Bone

    She has a pretty face but she is trying WAAAYYYYY too hard to be cool and different, and it’s only serving to make her look like everyone else. She sort of reminds me of the Brigette Nielsen type (ugh!)

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