January 31st, 2007 // 9 Comments

The Sun has a lovely story and accompanying pics of a Pete Doherty drug binge that occurred shortly after they had that wedding-like Thai blessing thing on the beach awhile ago. Old story, but sorta creepy and sad. Drugs are friggin’ scary. Seriously – moderation. Look it up before things go awry and you end up like this bitch.

JUNKIE rocker Pete Doherty injects himself with cocaine in a grubby Thai hostel — as he tells worried lover Kate Moss he is “fine” on the phone.

Bare-chested Doherty shot up several times after joining three girls in a backpacker’s £8-a-night room.

The story goes on to detail how he took a phone call from his enabler while putting the spike in, and told the tourista chicks that he would never marry Kate because she’s “too paranoid”. Paranoid about you doing too many drugs, maybe – you dickhead. Anyway, the sad thing about these pictures is that they’re no longer shocking. Ugh. Anyway, they’re both in rehab together. For now.

Video of Pete shooting up is after the jump.

Things are blurred out, but it’s still pretty gross.

By J. Harvey

  1. Unknown

    He is so gross!

  2. pilsbury

    NOTE TO KATE, view these pictures and dump him!

    As quoted buy a decent Britsh Newspaper.

  3. rootabega

    happy honeymoon!

  4. Jade

    This is getting beyond a joke. Why on earth is Kate Moss wasting her time on a drop kick dickhead like Pete. He’s not attractive, i’m sure he cant be that well hung… come on Kate… wake up to yourself and leave this junkie in the gutter where he belongs…. I hope you shoot up and die Pete.. your a waste of fucking air…

  5. Jinxy McDeath

    I’m just waiting for the story of how Petey the junkie gave Kate Moss the AIDS or Hep C. It’s not like he isn’t an open needle sharer with his fans. He has a death wish, why the hell is he taking so long to die, sounds harsh but really it’s just a matter of time at this point.


    Get off it people. She is as big a coke whore as him. She just comes in a slightly prettier package.

    They should both OD and decrease the surplus population of assholes.

  7. Matt

    Pete is an amazing musician. What % of musicians use drugs?? Close to 100% i would suspect. Pete really doesnt care to keep his lifestyle under wraps. Its as simple as that.

  8. Matt…
    with logic like that, i pray that you never reproduce.

    That not wanting to “keep his lifestyle under wraps” will put him “6 ft under ground” when he FINALLY overdoses….

    Here’s to the day that coked up wanna be rockstar finally offs himself.

  9. This guy is a strung-out, media-grubbing whore.

    Die, Pete.

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