Meryl Streep On ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Set

September 23rd, 2005 // 27 Comments

Meryl Streep stars as Miranda Priestly, one of New York City’s biggest magazine editors in The Devil Wears Prada. She’s looking fierce.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sikora


  2. She looks good. Love her hair.

  3. zazz

    Work it Anna!–I mean Miranda

  4. I’m looking forward to watching this movie. I really loved the novel, so I hope I can enjoy the film as well. Do you know who will play Andrea’s role?


    one of my Favorite books about 2 years ago, and I couldn’t pick a better choice than Meryl,to play Miranda…
    Anna Wintour must be sweating in her skirt…
    I smell Oscar BUZZ

  6. whatchamacallit

    chill the fuck out sikora! its probably faux

  7. LuvChoo

    She looks FAB! And Sikora? Shut up. It’s very possible you have NO idea what you’re talking about.

  8. elena

    She looks amazing…come on she is 56! I hope I look that good in my 50′s!

  9. caro

    anne hathaway is playing andrea, adrian grenier is her “love interest” i dont know which one though lol

  10. sashay

    Wow. I thought Sharone Stone would have been a good Miranda Priestly. Meryl looks great!

  11. Blazer Mary

    Andy Warhol Lives!

  12. Abby

    I LOVED this book.I hvae to say I’am disappionted that Anne Hathaway is playing Andrea.She was plain in the book but…not THAT plain.
    Adrian Grenier playing Nate HOLLA!

  13. Cattt

    They’re making a movie out of the book? woo hoo! Yeah Glenn looks hot in that outfit! Work it girlie! Also Hathaway would not be my choice. I hope i am wrong and she knocks me off my feet.

  14. lulu

    Blazer Mary that’s hilarious.
    Meryl’s looking hott. and i hope it is real fur. this is supposed to be based on anna wintour, and the fur goes with the whole cruella deville thing she’s got going. besides, i’m so sick of Peta and their idiotic stunts that all of a sudden fur coats are looking real good to me…

  15. lainey

    Lulu, you should be skinned yourself. You sound like an absolute fool talking trash like that. The world will not progress with people like you.

  16. UR

    Anne Hathaway can’t play Andrea! Damn!!

  17. little lulu

    Killing animals for aesthetic purposes is very wrong. I used to think that fur was luxurious but then I thought about the innocent animals that were grown in little cages and then skinned soley for their fur and I regret that I ever liked fur in the first place. A long time ago wearing fur was acceptible because all parts of the animal were used for human survival which could be understandable, but killing animals so J-Lo can have a white mink dress is disguisting

  18. I love her. Love the outfit too!

  19. gossipqueen

    Meryl Streep will be great in the role. However, I kind of wish they had gotten some one less aclaimed to be Miranda. It’s too flattering to Anna Wintour to have Meryl Streep playing her. Now if they got Farrah Fawcet! Talk about insult.

  20. kell~!

    anne hathaway isn’t right for andrea, maybe like natalie portman or rachel bilson..?

  21. I heard that an Emily is actually playing “the” Emily in the movie too… and, Andreas’ boyfriends’s name is Alex… not Nate!

    On to Meryll… She’s looking GORGEOUS! I would have thought that Miranda has blonder (as in, “yellower” hair, but it’s alright… and are those those gorgeous F/W 04/05 Vuitton Balmorals on her feet??? *whoa*


  22. mnc


    Meryl Streep is a Goddess!

  23. Mr. Hilton

    She is simply the best!

  24. TDVP

    wow. I don’t know how I feel about it being filmed… I hope it’s not going to ruine the perfect picture of that book that I have in mind.
    It better be a good movie…but since Meryl’s in ti… Ive actually pictured Jamie Lee Curtis as Miranda…;) but yeah , Sharon STone would fit too. I wanted Jannifer Garner as ‘Andre-ah’ :)
    but she wasn’t pregnant back then…I’ve heard some horrible rumors that Sarah Jessica P. would get the role of ANdrea which would suck.
    Anne Hatheway might be ok. Natalie Portman would fit too. Oh AND Paris Hilton as Emily! would be fun. Michael Vartan as ANdrea’s boyfriend.

  25. Lulu really sucks

    LULU – When they get hold of your scraggy little ass they’re going to do to you what they do to those poor animals whose fur they STEAL !!!
    See how you like it when you’re the one taking the hits.

  26. Andy W

    Adrian Grenier is fucking ugly.

  27. Sarah


    Big Alias fan and fashionista?

    Me too!!!

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