Men’s Fashion- As Told By The Runways In London Themselves! Abide At Your Own Risk!

London Fashion Week
Rihanna at Stella McCartney's presentation.
Ladies, we might be in grave danger by the looks of what was launched in London during Men’s Fashion Week.

Now I’m not saying this is the end of the world or anything, but these bold new designs might cause the entire female gender to go out and purchase a pair of EXTREMELY dark tinted sunnies!

1. Apparently London loved Miley’s mesh Marc Jacobs gown so much that they made a men’s version…

2. London would like the world to know that rompers are not subjected to women. This number resembles something very similar to what’s worn behind bars. Don’t you think it has that extra flare that screams “Yea. I’m a badass. So what?”

3. The runways of London must have missed our good old childhood friend ‘Gumby’ because they felt the need to revamp him, haute couture style!

4. By the look of this piece, the runway must be telling men they can spice up their grungy basketball shorts with a splatter painted sweater and fitted dress shirt!

5. This innovative designer decided to take color blocking to a whole new level. As if all that blocking wasn’t enough, they threw a splattered trench over all the madness.

6. Lastly, the runways of London would love to leave you with their designer rendition of Deadmau5.

So fashionistas, I’d love to hear what are your opinions on the lot! Will you all be running out to find look-a-likes for your beaus?!