Melissa Joan Hart Is A Mom

Melissa Joan Hart, former TV witch and married to a guy with really nice arms, and Roseanne’s Sara Gilbert took their kids to the Studio City Famer’s Market. They rode a trolley. Melissa gave birth to Braydon Wilkerson back in March, and she’s now a mother of two.

Sara Gilbert is the nuts, by the way. I know that’s an odd way to describe a lesbian but she is. Darlene Connor was one of my touchstones growing up. She was surly, I was surly. She was depressed, I was annoying. She liked comic books, I liked comic books. Plus, we both had a thing for Johnny Galecki. Well, she did on camera. I kept wishing he’d cut his hair. Ugh, long wavy hair that you have to keep pushing back off your forehead as a nervous gesture is weird. That show was so hot right up until Roseanne won the lottery.