Melissa Joan Hart Is A Mom

April 29th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Melissa Joan Hart, former TV witch and married to a guy with really nice arms, and Roseanne‘s Sara Gilbert took their kids to the Studio City Famer’s Market. They rode a trolley. Melissa gave birth to Braydon Wilkerson back in March, and she’s now a mother of two.

Sara Gilbert is the nuts, by the way. I know that’s an odd way to describe a lesbian but she is. Darlene Connor was one of my touchstones growing up. She was surly, I was surly. She was depressed, I was annoying. She liked comic books, I liked comic books. Plus, we both had a thing for Johnny Galecki. Well, she did on camera. I kept wishing he’d cut his hair. Ugh, long wavy hair that you have to keep pushing back off your forehead as a nervous gesture is weird. That show was so hot right up until Roseanne won the lottery.


By J. Harvey

  1. Julie

    Why do we continue to see her or care about her?

  2. ;o

    probably because shes one of the few child/teenage stars that these days are divorced/drugged up/rehabbed/crazy/arrested/snorting/etc.

    And she has a hot husband

  3. ;o

    oops, meant are not

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