Melissa Joan Hart Takes The Family Out For A Stroll

March 21st, 2008 // 8 Comments

Melissa Joan Hart….arms. Here she is with….arms. Melissa Joan Hart had….sleeveless t-shirt. Stop!

*J. Harvey collects himself*

Which way to the gun show, sir? Here’s Melissa Joan Hart and her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, taking their brood for a walk. Melissa recently gave birth to their second son, Braydon Hart Wilkerson, on March 12. Doesn’t she need to rest for a second and let the stitches take? Ouch? She’s not one to heal, huh?

The other kid is their oldest son, Mason Walter Wilkerson, who was born in January of 2006.

Clarissa Explains An Episiotomy! Sabrina The Teenage Mother here better slow down before she starts spotting!


8 more photos of Melissa Joan Hart, her husband Mark Wilkerson and their kids Braydon and Mason are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. bkmagnolia

    J. Harvey – you so CRAZY! loving the “Clarissa Explains It All” reference. Back when kids sitcoms were interesting. Remember the ORIGINAL Degrassi Junior High?

  2. spaz

    wow…I had no idea her husband was such a hottie.

  3. 4seconds

    Haha…which way to the gun show…

  4. Andrew

    Wow – he was a skinny thing back in high school.

  5. Crazy how all these dudes get massive upper bodies and little dinky legs.

  6. Auntyb

    I’m really sorry to get so picky but I just can’t let it go. “Spotting” refers to something that happens while you are pregnant which may or may not signal trouble with the pregnancy. After you’ve had the babe you just have your period endlessly for anywhere from a month to 12 weeks depending on the person. It’s not called spotting then dude.

  7. Janine

    She is not even that cute, how did she score such a gorgeous husband!?

  8. marym.

    HA! J. Harvey, completely agree. Clarissa explains it all!

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