Melissa Joan Hart Takes The Family Out For A Stroll

Melissa Joan Hart….arms. Here she is with….arms. Melissa Joan Hart had….sleeveless t-shirt. Stop!

*J. Harvey collects himself*

Which way to the gun show, sir? Here’s Melissa Joan Hart and her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, taking their brood for a walk. Melissa recently gave birth to their second son, Braydon Hart Wilkerson, on March 12. Doesn’t she need to rest for a second and let the stitches take? Ouch? She’s not one to heal, huh?

The other kid is their oldest son, Mason Walter Wilkerson, who was born in January of 2006.

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8 more photos of Melissa Joan Hart, her husband Mark Wilkerson and their kids Braydon and Mason are after the jump.

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