Melissa Joan Hart Is Large With Child

December 20th, 2007 // 13 Comments

I know most of you think of Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina, but screw that. To me, she will always be Clarissa, and have the cute boy as a platonic best friend and be the cool chick on Nickelodeon because she was into They Might Be Giants at like age ten. Which is hot. I’ve tried to get over how she uses the word “gay” to mean “stupid”. Clarissa can’t be perfect. Anyway, Clarissa’s all growed up and all knocked up as you can see in these photos. She already has one son with her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, and has another kiddie on the way. About her pregnancy, Melissa says “The new babe is kicking like a maniac and may actually be more active than Mason was (if that’s possible)”. Melissa’s 31 and said that on MySpace so now I don’t feel as bad about having a page. She will be introducing her husband’s band, Course of Nature, on a Fox New Year’s Eve Special this year. They were married in 2003. I would much rather she dress up as Clarissa and introduce They Might Be Giant’s singing “Birdhouse in Your Soul”.


By J. Harvey

  1. Lucifer

    Wow – did she actually grow up to be a well adjusted adult unlike some other teen stars?

  2. blah

    I see Dancing with the Stars in her future.

  3. Ostia Pyrosis

    What, no “Dinner Bell”?

  4. Ostia Pyrosis

    What, no “Dinner Bell”?

  5. you suck

    you know..its about time an actress was just a regular woman and eventually gives birth and is devoted to her family..instead of being hooked on drugs, entering rehab, snorting coke in a club bathroom or staving to death and bragging about banging her husband.

  6. yeah..I think she growed up and knocked up…

  7. yeah..I think she grew up and knocked up…

  8. GirlyGirl

    Shes adorable.

  9. Esther Greenwood

    I agree, J. Harvey…Clarissa rules! Nice to see a ‘child’ star can grow up to become something other than a child-abandoning, girlie-parts-flashing celebutard. And her hubby’s a hottie. Kudos to MJH.

  10. Jen

    Clarissa’s friends name was Sam. She is lovely. Maybe they should run rerun of that on Nick, as opposed to Zoey 101 ( aka avoiding STD’s 401)

  11. alexandria

    you guys act like its something extraspecial or out of the ordinary for people in the entertainment industry to be normal, happy people. guess what, THERE’S MORE TO THE INDUSTRY THAN WHAT YOU SEE ON PRIMETIME TV.

  12. Anne Arkham

    Also a Clarissa fan.

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