Melissa McCarthy Photoshopped ‘Heat’ Poster Draws Fire!

Melissa McCarthy Shines
The star takes the 2012 Academy Awards by storm!
The U.K. seems to have taken matters into their own hands when it came to the soon to be released movie poster for The Heat!

The always bubbly comedy star Melissa McCarthy doesn’t seem to be looking her normal self, seriously! The action packed cop comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy is sure to be hilarious due to the dynamic actress due, but the question still lies; why alter the poster U.K., why??

The good ol’ U.K. didn’t even do poor McCarthy any justice! By getting a little to carried away in Photoshop they made McCarthy look as though she had a floating head!

Photoshop seems to always be the devil when it comes to the entertainment industry. It is very rare that you hear someone was overjoyed by their Photoshop job, and I HIGHLY doubt that McCarthy will be wearing a smile from ear to ear after seeing this!

In general, neither the U.S. or U.K. poster is ultra flattering on either celeb. Between the deep red background and washed-out skin tint they donned on both ladies, The Heat poster isn’t made to emphasize how attractive these two women truly are. With that said though, both McCarthy and Bullock are two extremely talented women that can, and will, look back at this epic poster fail and laugh!

Be sure to check out The Heat in theaters June 28th!