Melissa Joan Hart Strolls New York City, Talks Her New Book ‘Melissa Explains It All’

Melissa's Reveals
6 reveals from Melissa Joan Hart's tell-all book!
So, there’s this thing that celebrities do when their career is in hiatus. Yea, they write books where they air their dirty laundry and everyone else’s dirty laundry too.

Melissa Joan Hart is writing a tell-all memoir called Melissa Explains It All (so clever), which was released yesterday. She talks about memories with her famous friends and how she was party crazy in the 2000’s.

“People think of me as just a goodie-two-shoes girl-next-door and I wanted people to know that I am a little bit more normal than they think“.

Unlike other celebrity tell-all books where they basically gossip about everyone they’ve interacted with, Melissa says that her book is different (aren’t they all?). She claims that her intention isn’t to gossipbut to simply relive the memories that have molded her into the woman she is today and share them with the world…literally.

However, Melissa isn’t blind to the consequences that comes with a tell-all book. She knows that she may get people in trouble and make enemies because people are too big headed to let things ago and just accept the memories they have made whether they’re good or bad. “I am just telling the stories the way I remember them.

Hopefully her old famous friends are excited to read the book as much as she is writing it. Launch the gallery to check out more the Clarissa Explains It All star in an adorable blue jacket.

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