Melanie Griffith is Scary

May 10th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Melaine Griffith is 49. Say hello to what hard living can do to a body.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. BARF

    That is downright scary.

    I can just imagine her lurching across the carpark, dragging that deformed leg behind her, eyes rolling in her head, foaming at the mouth.

    Antonio, you’re a lucky man

  2. Speye

    Who cares? This is just mean!

  3. petey

    That is so photoshop’d. It’s so obvious.

  4. Juju

    Geez, I’m 52 and no part of my body looks like this. It’s not from ‘hard living’; it’s from the sun.

  5. backtalker

    there is NO way she’s 49…she looks as old as her mother.

  6. desertboy

    No way in hell is Antonio gettin wood for that.

  7. sad day

    ugh, its a sad day when you realize your 81 year old grandmother is hotter than melanie griffith

  8. Jonrah

    I could so see Lindsay Lohan looking like this in like 10 years if she keeps up her current shenanigans.

  9. J Hartwell

    There is a new infectious virus that can cause bad wrinkling of the skin. The virus passes from person to person, just like a cold and sore throat, and once you catch it, it slowly causes the skin to wrinkle, and causes the muscles to get weaker. More and more people are catching it.

  10. Laura

    Good God! My granny was 84 when she died and her legs looked a lot better thatn Melanie’s!

  11. silvarga

    Wasn’t there a blind item a couple years back about an actress who got lipo and plastic surgery but fucked up her entire body, aging herself by another 10 years because she refused to stop smoking (several packs per day) during the recovery process?

    Well, I think now we know who that was…

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