Melanie Griffith Is All, “Um, No.”

Bonnie Robinsons recently told Page Six of the New York Post that Melanie Griffith is reneging on a verbal agreement with Robinson to do an autobiography with a ghostwriter. From

Robinson tells, “Two years ago, she promised to do her autobiography with me when she turned 50, which she will be this coming August. “In fact, she shook hands on the deal and gave her solemn word.” The writer blames Griffith’s use of medication, for which she reportedly sought treatment over the Christmas holidays, for her apparent memory loss and unfriendly behaviour during a recent meeting. She adds, “I guess all the ‘mood’ elevators have also destroyed her memory, because she told me that she wouldn’t do the book and that she had no recollection of such a promise.”

I see Robinson’s tactic. Very clever. Clearly, she plans on sweet-talking Griffith back into the deal.



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