Melanie Brown’s Being Accused of Sucking as a Mother

September 19th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Remember when former Spice Girl Melanie Brown swooped off and got herself hitched to her new hubby? In case you didn’t, here are some pictures of the happy couple shortly after their recent nuptials. And now it seems that Melanie’s maid is claiming that Melanie ran off to Vegas for four days to elope with husband, Stephen Belafonte. Tonia Lamere is claiming that she was saddled with the responsibility of taking care of the kids and even had to purchase food for Melanie’s kids while she was off getting married and stuff.

“One evening of baby-sitting turned into four days!” Lamere tells Star magazine.

“The child was sick, there was no nanny, and when Mel called, she never even asked about the baby.”

Melanie’s camp, is crying foul, claiming that this is nothing more than an ill-conceived attempt to get some money. But the most important question remains, how can I possibly be the one to benefit financially from all of this? It’s thinking cap time, guys…


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Logan

    With an infant so young, it really is STRANGE to run off to go party for days. Not the norm.

  2. How can Mel B. both outdo Britney in the “bad decisions regarding men, childcare” department, while simultaneously outdo Victoria Beckham in the “I do bat-shit crazy stuff all the time so people won’t forget I was a Spice Girl once” department? Just stay the course, Scary. You’re well on your way to win the “most totally ruined female pop has-been of the decade” award. What? There’s no award for that? It’s cool. Sheer excellence like this is it’s own reward.

  3. Katie

    Ummm how can she gain financially from this??? Well it looks like she is selling her crap story to anyone who will listen. Why else would she say anything about having to babysit?

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