Melanese Reid & Katrina Bryant – Stupid People Of The Day

Click the above photo to find out what these lovely ladies did.

Two US women were arrested Monday evening after threatening staff at a
fast food restaurant with a stun gun when they didn’t get mustard and
mayonnaise with their order.

Melanese Reid and Katrina Bryant were left fuming when workers at a drive-through Wendy’s in Florida forgot to give them the sauce sachets with their burgers.

Employees say that Reid and Bryant first screamed profane and
discriminatory language at the drive-through window. Reid then chased
one employee through the kitchen area of the restaurant, armed with a
stun gun that was turned on and making “electronic noises,” according
to the police report.
Local authorities located the women’s vehicle in a nearby car park at
an apartment block, the women left in another car, but were stopped.

Police searched the women and discovered a pink stun gun in Reid’s handbag.

Reid claims that she was in fear for her life during her argument with
the Wendy’s staffer. Reid faces a charge of degree to aggravated
assault with a deadly weapon.