Mel Gibson’s Tramp(s) Emerge From The Trenches

Mel Gibson
needs to turn it around because this is NOT his summer.  First he splits with his baby-mama, then tapes are released revealing his short fuse.  Now, his former porn star mistress confirms Oksana Grigorieva’s grievances.  The man is a reported on Polish porn star/Gibson mistress Violet Kowal’s interview with Geraldo Rivera on Sunday’s Geraldo At Large.  Kowal claimed that when she first met Gibson back in September 2007, he told her he was divorced.  Men.  They see boobies and immediately cry “Single!” 

Apparently Gibson threatened Kowal after their secret relationship was outed.

“He never hit me but, after the media found out about our relationship,
he got verbally abusive… he said he would make me suffer… I was just so
scared and afraid of him… I was really close to go[ing] to the police
but instead of that I went [into] hiding for a few weeks.”

That man is up sh*t creek without a paddle.  There’s more from Kowal, who was spotted leaving a Petco in Los Angeles on June 6th.  Just watch the video and wait for more women to surface…