Mel Gibson’s Life Gets NC-17 Rating, ‘The Beaver’ Gets PG-13

When he isn’t allegedly punching ex’s in the face or terrifying people with explicit, racist and misogynistic phone calls, Mel Gibson normally makes movies.

His latest film, The Beaver – directed by Jodie Foster, sees Gibson as a man who suffers a midlife crisis and as a result of that breakdown, solely communicates via a beaver puppet on his hand. Sounds bizarre, right?

Well, the movie is finished but sitting in limbo because no one can even imagine doing anything that would be backing Gibson in the public eye right now. But there’s some good news: instead of an R-rating, the film has been granted a a PG-13 rating from the MPAA.

But who knows if it will ever be released…but when it does, at least kids can go see it, right? Silver linings…