Mel Gibson: Racist Babydaddy?

As if Mel didn’t have enough problems, what with his plans to build a concentration camp on his Malibu property delayed due to his public outing as an anti-Semite. Now, some broad Down Under is saying he’s her real dad.

Painter Carmel Sloane claims the millionaire actor made her mum pregnant on a mattress in the back of his car before he was famous 30 YEARS ago.

And now her 10-year-old son Jordan bears a striking resemblance to his secret GRANDAD.

Carmel, 29, said: “I’m not doing it for his money. I just want to meet the man I’ve always known was my dad — and for him to get to know his grandson.”

More on Mel Gibson’s possible secret daughter after the jump.

Mel’s Secret Daughter
[News of the World]

The paternity suit is the latest blow for the Braveheart star. Earlier this year he was arrested for drink-driving and launched an anti-Jewish tirade against cops.

Legal papers will be served on Gibson, 50, this week and he will either have to admit he’s the father or have a swab taken from inside his mouth for DNA testing.

She’s not in it for the money. She’s just a poor painter/single mom who wants to meet her real incredibly rich and famous Oscar-winning crazy mountain man alcoholic bigot dad.

Carmel’s a hot name. And so is doing it on a mattress in the back of a car. That’s a big backseat!

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