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August 24th, 2007 // 12 Comments


As a result of his drunk driving arrest incident, part of Mel Gibson’s probation included regular attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and as of yesterday, Gibson’s attendance of those meetings will no longer be considered mandatory. From the New York Daily News:

“The AA meetings are no longer under his probation’s conditions,” a spokeswoman with the district attorney’s office said.

I wonder if Mel ever wore costumes to meetings so that he might actually get some anonymity. If he did, I really hope that he used the face make-up required for “The Man Without a Face.” Or at least wore an eye-patch. Wear an eye-patch, Mel. Wear a funky, funky eye-patch.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. d-l

    Can he go back to attending his KKK Clan meetings now? Or is he still in Racist Pig Rehab???? Haven’t heard much about that aspect of his problems.

  2. marninthian

    I love you so much for just making that “Flight of the Conchords” a la David Bowie reference…I will now proceed to laugh about that for about 10 minutes.

  3. Courtney

    Best reference ever. “Is this a freaky dream, Bret?”

  4. stolidog

    Is it still mandatory for him to attend the JHA, WHA, and DHD meetings he must be attending? You know, the Jew Haters Annonymous, Women Haters Annonymous and Denying Holocaust Deniers meetings? I sure hope so, because he really has some problems with that.

  5. Mac

    Mel Gibson is the best. He defied the Jewish ADL and all those powerbrokers in Hollywood to make the most inspiring Christian Movie of all time The Passion of the Christ. What Jews don’t realise is that Christians are their best friends
    and they owe Gibson a debt of gratitude. Not one act of violence occurred after millions around the world saw The Passion of the Christ and what Mel also never heard was one word of apology. The real hate mongerers are the anti-Christian secularists like Frank Rich of the New York Times, Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times, Roger Friedman of Foxnews and the biggest hypocrite of all Abraham Foxman of the ADL. These people need to real the Tulmud or get Christianity in their hearts.

  6. Critical thinker

    Well said Mac!,I admire Mel Gibson for having the guts to tell it like it is. Jews are responsible for the degradation of Media and people in general. They control all means of communication and are in a cohesive net that has little tolerance for critical thinking. I am just sorry Mel had to apologize to them in the sake of public image. Jews often make humiliating statements about christians and catholics and nobody ask them to apologize, and that makes me angry. I hope they get their asses killed by muslims.

  7. Julie Lang

    I love Mel Gibson he is good looking and very smart, he makes my heart tick…awwwwwwwwwwwwww

  8. Ms. Celina

    I simply love this man, he has an extraordinary actor and a illustrious person, Hollywood needs more people like him, enough with the nitwits!

  9. malvolio

    …don’t you know who your talking about? this is mel-freaking-gibson: the king of malibu! kay? and, if you jew-loving christ-haters got a problem with that, you can take it up with the big guy upstairs…keep drinking and keep telling it like it is, mel!…what are you looking at, sugar-tits!…

  10. Deborah

    Mel Gibson has had a close association and dealings in Hollywood for the past 27 years and working with hundreds of Jews on a daily basis, many of whom are in his employ and many who, they claim, consider Gibson one of their closest and dearest friends such as Producer of The Patriot Dean Devlin, Leathal Weapon director Richard Donner & producer Joel Silver, Robert Downey Jr; Gibson’s own publicist of 15 years Alan Nierob, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, his body guard of 10 years Ari Korein, Goldie Hawn, director of What Women Want, Nancy Meyers & Mark Feurstein, and many, many, many more. That’s why so many Jews in all areas of the film business in Hollywood kept quiet because they knew it was the disease speaking and not the man when he falls off the wagon.
    In all those years as a movie star did Gibson ever have a sign outside of his door saying “New Jews Allowed”? Has he ever belonged to or contributed to terrorists organisations for the extermination of Jews? Has he ever been seen standing on a soap box (sober or drunk) declaring like documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, that Israel is the axis of evil? I think everyone knows the answer to that one.
    What the media despise most about Mel Gibson is the success of The Passion of the Christ. He wrote it, produced it, directed it and then had the gall to finance it because everyone thought it would bomb at the box office. Mel is a multi-talented Maverick and I hope that he reigns in Hollywood for many more years to come.

  11. nastybugger

    sorry, deborah, don’t agree that it’s “the disease” talking.

    no matter how drunk I got, I NEVER ONCE spewed any racist or anti-semitic crap. why? because I’m NOT a racist or anti-semite.

    he may have let it slip out due to the disease, but he was certainly feeling those things before the alcohol “made him say it”.

    when you grow up with a man (mel’s dad) who denies the holocaust took place (he says the 6 million jews who were killed “went somewhere else”), it stands to reason you’d grow up with those ideals, too. Please note that, when specifically asked, Mel will NOT denounce his father’s opinion, nor will he give any indication that he thinks his father is wrong.

    as for his “friends” in the biz, he HAS to be “friends” with them as not to alienate some of the major players in hollywood. if they were really his friends, why did they not rush to defend him? why, instead, did they “keep quiet”, as you said?

  12. Deborah

    Nastybugger: You probably are the owner of this website and just change your ‘nasty’ name each time to something else.
    It’s wonderful to know that you are not a racist or anti-Semite. That means you have a constant pure thought when sober. I congratulate you on your sinless perfection. You should call yourself ‘perfectbugger’.
    Mel will never discuss his Dad in public or denounce his father in public because as a devout Catholic he has to honour his father and mother regardless of what they do or say – to do otherwise is a mortal sin. But note that he has never agreed with his father in public either.
    And after more than a quarter of a century if Mel was never been genuine with all those he has colaborated and worked with, than he has only fooled himself. But as director M.Night Shyamalan said of Mel after his DUI, ‘his pubilc record is what will stand as the sweet guy that he is’. If Gibson is so anti-Jewish it would have come out years ago and he’s been drunk more than once. That drunken bile came from the bitterness of the way he was treated for The Passion of the Christ.
    Yes, Nastybugger, there were many friends who did rush out to defend him in public, even some Jews who don’t even know him, like Jewish comedian Jacky Mason who appeared on CNN to support him (check out the website); Richard Donner; Jewish girl singer Pink; Stephen Baldwin; Sam Elliott; Pat Boone; Bob Downey, Jodi Foster; Patrick Swayze, Sigourney Weaver and lots, lots more. And many of his friends kept quiet because they fear a backlash from the top Jewish Agents who own and control Hollywood and much of the media and networks. They fear losing their jobs or never getting one. Gibson told interviewer Diane Sawyer on ABC that he was so overwhelmed with support that it almost choked him even from those in the Jewish Community (Check out ABC’s Good Morning America Oct 11th & 12th 2006). He said it almost broke his heart. Why, because he had the guts to apologise twice and ask for forgivenss. Unlike you Nastybugger Gibson knows he’s a sinner and he’s got to overcome character traits and alcoholism.
    Thank goodness I’m wise enough to know that there are good and bad in all countries, races, religions and cultures and many Jews who do not want, like Shakespeare’s Shylock from the Merchant of Venice, their pound of flesh. Jews can be forgiving. Maybe you can change your name to Forgivingbugger.

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