Mel Gibson: Let’s Make a Deal

Because we here at A Socialite’s Life consider ourselves to be (among many things) very thorough people who know the value of the follow-up, we are reporting the following, delivered to us by TMZ:

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson’s lawyer went to the Malibu Courthouse Thursday and appeared with the prosecutor to reveal a plea deal. Gibson has agreed to three years probation, but will avoid jail time. Gibson was ordered to attend one year of AA meetings. For the first four-and-a-half months he must attend five times a week. For the remainder of the time, he must attend three times a week. Gibson must also pay $1200 in fines and penalties as well as one hundred dollars in restitution. Gibson volunteered to do a public service announcement on the hazards of driving under the influence. He also volunteered to enter a rehab program immediately.

‘Tis all the Mel Gibson news of the moment.

Hey, wasn’t it funny that one time when he was yelling about the Jews? Sorry. Is it still too soon to laugh about? Or just way too late?

(Like I don’t know the answer to that…)

Mel Gibson Cops A Plea [TMZ]

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