Mel Gibson Goes Public With Oksana Grigorieva At ‘Wolverine’ Screening

April 29th, 2009 // 15 Comments

Well, well. Mel Gibson doesn’t waste any time, that’s for sure. Just a few short weeks ago it was revealed that Mel Gibson’s wife of 28 years Robyn was planning to divorce the actor, and reports emerged of the Braveheart star’s involvement with Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva. Say hello to the red carpet lady, because it’s apparently show time!

Strolling hand-in-hand down the red carpet at the unveiling of Hugh Jackman‘s X-Men: Origins: Wolverine film, Mel and Oksana seemed very much a couple. The 39-year-old, who has an 11-year-old son with her former partner, British James Bond actor Timothy Dalton, certainly seemed taken with Mel, who is facing what expected to be one of the world’s most expensive divorces.

Mel and Oksana have been seeing each other for three years. She is signed to his record label Icon. Good times.

Gallery Info: Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva attend Wolverine screening

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. katy

    She looks like the Octo mom, only slimmer?!

  2. webtoto

    That was my first thought too!

  3. Patsup

    There’s no fool like an old fool. Unless it’s a rich old fool.

  4. american dreamer

    Mel Gibson probably plans to turn her into Octomom pumping out his babies one after another.

    Interesting that he claims to be oh so religious but he was engaged in an adulterous relationship with a woman who presumably doesn’t share his archconservative religious convictions.

    He’s such a hypocrite. The worst thing is how all these religious nuts are anti-Semites who blame Jews for crucifying christ (which of course misses the whole point of the crucifiction)

  5. tmv

    Laughing all the way to the bank and rid of Mel the jerk, Robyn Gibson is the lucky one.

  6. Nudgie

    Hey – give Mel a break. She looks like she’s worth $450M.

    Oops. Never mind.

    Carry on.

  7. american dreamer

    She looks really good in this picture but in some other pictures its pretty clear she’s had a lot of botox and plastic surgery to her face.

  8. T-Bone

    Again, bad plastic surgery. She does indeed look like Octomom. From class to trash, Mel. Not good. And I so liked you (in spite of your ridiculous, irrational rant against Jews). Sad really. I hope he wakes up.

  9. DK

    it’s octo mom look-a-like

  10. Remy

    Kateand DK, too funny I logged on to post the same comment :)

    Octomommy, AJ and now this!

  11. Mary

    Jeepers, nose job, and eye job too! Wouldn’t be surprised if lips and something to slim the face as well (lipo?). Can we say pitiful mid-life crisis? Another case of an old, insecure man needing someone to distract him by flattering his ego and make him feel good about himself vs. dealing with his issues that his wife dealt with for decades!

  12. Bloodless Money War

    Re: “The worst thing is how all these religious nuts are anti-Semites who blame Jews for crucifying christ (which of course misses the whole point of the crucifiction)”

    A Jew is just an idea. It’s not a race. I read the bible, that doesn’t make me Christian. I read part of the Torah and Talmud, it doesn’t make me a Jew. I’m not a Buddhist just because I studied it. I’m not Greek although I believe that if the Jews never entered Greece hellbent on destroying the human mind the world would be a saner richer place to live A Jew is what you call yourself to say you belong to the group of people who believe in an invisible man in the sky who wants them to rob non-Jews. Judaism is a license to steal from non-Jews because others Jews will gang up to help a Jew rob you. Yahway is an idea, a way, a way to wage economic war on others and feel blessed for having done so because your rabbies and your father say you’re blessed for robbing others.

    Jesus did not die on the cross because his father is only a spirit, meaning that Jesus is a spirit. The Trinity is the father, son and holy ghost all in one. A son can’t have fathered himself (though some say they’ve raised themselves without a father around). Jesus is therefore a spirit, an idea.

    I’ve read a lot about Odumba and how he’s given the major network TV stations billions of our dollars for lying to us. Together they’ve robbed the US Treasury. Their religion is money. They got a deferred payment for perjuring Arab Muslims about the 2001 World Trade Center charade. All lies are the same, someone is making a profitable living by and for lying to you. I’m anti-Odumba. Treason is the cross he bears.

  13. Bloodless Money Ward

    Religious people are puppets of their Thoughtmasters.

    Just because you read a book and had someone read it to you from a stage doesn’t mean it’s true. The three monotheist biblical texts were written when many people were just ignorant nomads. Landless nomads were called “Arab” which means homeless. Jews were homeless nomads called Arabs. These homeless Arabs aka Jews were lost in the desert for 40 years. Lost = Jew. Lost for 40 years equals, “I will believe any stupid thing I’m told, just get me the f*ck out of this damn desert already. I’ll listen to you read me that hateful text if you save me from that blistering sun. It’s the devil, it’s evil, it’s killing me. I will kill non-believers if you kill the sun and light the way, any way.”

    So, the rabbies killed the sun but lit an evil way, Ya-way.

  14. Bloodless Money Ward

    The masses have been lied to by their Thoughtmasters (religious leaders) who lied and told believers that their god destroyed the WTC in 2001 to punish them for losing faith. Putting their faith in liars, Jews danced for joy while they filmed the Twin Towers falling saying to Americans, “Now you feel like we do. Dancing while watching people from 80 nation die in their cubicals is the cross Israel now bears. The world is watching Jews carry that cross now.

    The masses were pit against one another. Jews were told they could steal their promised land, thinking America was that promised land, Jews started to steal through the “banking” industry. The Jews puppet Odumba joined the Jew bankers in robbing the banks and giving the promised land to Jews aka Israel. All of the mass media Jews were given billions of dollars of stolen money from the Federal Reserve Bank for lying to the “Goyim” and blaming Muslims for what Jews and Odumba plotted. They were rewarded with “promised” land aka stolen money, for lying and perjuring innocent people. America is the new Soddom and Gomorrah to the Jews whose invisible sky man mass murdered all of those people because Jews didn’t think they deserved to live, oh, and because Jews wanted to rob Soddom and Gomorrah just as they’ve now robbed American and before that, they robbed Germany. What Jews hate more than anything is that they can’t steal Other People’s Money fast enough. They want their Covenent now, like bad eggs.

    Christians were lied to by the mass media and told to foam at the mouth at Muslims. Muslims started to recite th Q’uran in their defense to prove they were innocent by proving the Q’uran doesn’t represent the thinking behind the 2001 WTC attack. They were right. It doesn’t. But it does represent the mind of Odumba and the deal he cut with the Jewish bankers who robbed Americans of their homes and it does represent the thinking of the major network TV stations that lied to everyone 24/7 fearing that lying would go out of style. CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly started lying like Jews perjuring Muslims for the Sept 11 attack because they are all CFR members who got a deferred payment for lying like a Jew knowing they’d be enriched and empowered like a Freemason Jew Tool for lying to the masses.

    Lying and stealing money is their RELIGION.

    De-hypnotize yourselves.

    Truth be known!

  15. Bloodless Money War

    By “it” I mean the WTC attack represents the mass media’s cabalistic thinking.

    Oh, my gawd, they recited the Q’uron to prove they were innocent of that type of thinking. I could cry.

    Reminds me of Joan of Ark reciting the Bible to prove her innocents but they murdered her anyway. They murdered her for reciting the words they taught her and called her crazy for reciting the words they’d taught her.

    Although unlike the Muslims, Joan of Ark in my opinion was throwing it in their face. Spitting on the leaders for betraying her and for betraying the masses by taking it to the next level, claiming she spoke to their god personally. She totally out did them at their own game by reciting crazier sh*t than they’d ever thought could be said in the name of a God. She was totally unplugged. They knew it too. They knew she used their words against them and that’s why they murdered her. She would’ve ran the kingdom fairly. Kingdoms aren’t meant to be run fairly, they’re meant to only the king and all the king’s men. Everyone else is just a slave.

    Sort of like the way GM was America’s largest employer in the nation, but then the kings gave GM the right to betray the masses and GM renegged on all of their Promises, on their Covenant with the auto workers and with Americans by outsourcing those jobs. They betrayed the worker after playing god to them and laying out the rules. Then like the kings did to Joan of Ark, the leaders said, ‘F*ck you!” because they kings wanted the land and money for themselves. F*ck the worker, the leaders feel self-entitled to steal ad* kill. But Joan was the true leader, the better person. Even the leaders knew that. Everyone knew it. The leaders’ word meant nothing and so Joan threw the Word right back at them. A little known historical event transpired that most people haven’t been taught. It was written on a scroll so it’s obviously true. Joan said this in captivity, “I found a lost pig over yonder. The pig doth seem a mite possessed. I believe the messiah is inside the pig. The pig that is thine kept forcing the messiah out of himself, but the messiah kept resurrecting himself inside the pig. Look here he is again. (she points the king’s eyes toward a pile of feces) (the messiah speaks, but Joan translates for him) He says, ‘You my dear leader are a covetous piece of pigsh*t, a traitor to your people and a liar.’ No wiser words have henceforth been spoken.

    Today he is resurrected as the Jews’ messiah. His name is Odumba and he’s just thieving pigsh*t like the one Joan of Ark spoke to.

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