Someone Didn’t Like Mel Gibson’s Taste In Crown Molding

Mel Gibson lives a weird life. A construction worker killed himself at Mel’s house on Monday night. His body was found yesterday. The man had hung himself.

His foreman found the 48-year-old construction worker’s body yesterday morning at Mel’s home in Agoura Hills near Malibu. Mel and his family aren’t living at the house because it’s under heavy construction. The body was found in an addition that’s being built.

This is way too creepy. Someone checked out and decided to hand Mel some extra grief while he was doing it. Maybe the pay sucked?

Mel’s had a rough couple of years. He had a totally public drunken racist meltdown, is currently trying to counsel Britney Spears, and now people are tapping out at his house. The ruling force of the universe has to be Jewish and loving this drama.