Mel B: The ‘B’ Stands For Boning

You thought Mel B. lost weight on Dancing with The Stars or hosting her new show Dance Your Ass Off? Think again. She lost it because she apparently she was boning her husband five times a day according to her interview with George Lopez.

Who has time for all that sex? I mean what kind of quality is that sex? By the third time aren’t you over it for the day? She does look great, and she’s always good for some kind of random soundbyte. But good heavens…how many condoms do her and her husband, music producer Stephen Belafonte, go through in a month? So many questions I have. I’m breaking a sweat just trying to process this.

But we’ve given you a gallery of Mel and her hubby so you can get inspired in your own bedroom. I hope for the sake of George’s wife he doesn’t get any ideas – poor woman. Check out more from the interview after the jump!