Mel B Is Scared Spice

Angered Eddie Murphy fans have been making Mel B’s life pretty uncomfortable these days–uncomfortable enough to warrant 24-hour protection from the Beverly Hills police department. Apparently, a group of them have set up camp outside of her home in Los Angeles with the sole purpose of tormenting the former Spice Girl turned Eddie Murphy baby mama. The Sun reports:

A close pal said: “She is extremely lonely in LA and her life is being made intolerable by Eddie’s fans camped outside.

“They shout insults and give her abuse all the time. The police have decided to place an officer outside to keep an eye on things.

“She was living with Eddie before all this happened and spent all her time with him — now she’s all alone.”

I’m trying to think of something encouraging I can relay to the obviously miserable former Spice Girl. Um, Girl Power?

Mel B calls Beverly Hills cops [The Sun Online]


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