Mel B Gets All Scary Spice on Eddie Murphy’s Ass and Hires A Bad-Ass Lawyer

December 22nd, 2006 // 3 Comments

Eddie Murphy better start hiding money in the mattress, cause Scary Spice is coming a-hunting. I have a feeling she’s gonna huff and puff and blow his house down if he’s not careful. The Mirror’s 3AM reports:

SCARY Spice, Mel B has hired a top Hollywood lawyer to fight comic Eddie Murphy in the courts. The 31-year-old has called in legal veteran Don Engel to take on the funnyman, who has denied he is the father of her unborn child. Engel, who charges $500 an hour, has represented heavyweight artists including Cher, Meatloaf and Fleetwood Mac. He has an unrivalled reputation as one of Hollywood’s biggest legal hitters and is renowned in the music biz. Mel has vowed to get every penny she can from the 45-year-old actor who she began dating six months ago.

I guess Eddie didn’t realize the dangers of what happens sometimes when “2 Becomes 1.”


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By Lisa Timmons

  1. There should be a poll:

    DO you think Eddie is the father of Mel’s child ??

    my vote * NO*

  2. Yummsh


  3. HelenSparkles

    He really shouldn’t have messed with our Mel, of course he is the father, she thought he was in love & was going to marry her. Perfectly sane thoughts if neither Eddie Murphy or Steve Bing are involved. If he wanted to get off lightly, he should have behaved with a bit more grace, as it was she got off the plane & was given news of his new liason by the press. Nice.

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