Mel B. Explains Her Bid For Riches

August 1st, 2007 // 21 Comments

Eddie is so screwed. So Scary Spice and her crone attorney held a press conference. Which is the way you want to go to embarrass a dude into forking over wads of cash. But I don’t think Eddie embarrasses that easily. He was caught with a ladydude in his car, and explained it away as giving her a ride because she had a flat or something. Surprisingly Eddie doesn’t normally run a taxi service for trans women and hasn’t started one to back that story up. Anyway, Mel B. ran to the press with this little ditty:

Brown, wearing a white dress, told the gathered reporters, “I am here for one reason and one reason only – her name is Angel. Angel is my baby and Eddie’s. She will always know that she was planned and wanted by both of us, but I want her to know that she has two parents who desire to be responsible for her during her life and who love her so much that they want to be a part of it.”

If you wanna be my windfall! Gloria Allred was much more of a hag about the whole thing, and snarled about how Ed hasn’t paid a cent yet he could afford to buy his new chick a large rock for their engagement. Speaking of that, has anyone checked under her hood yet? Did he meet that one “giving her a ride”?


By J. Harvey

  1. Shootingstar

    Since when is obtaining child support a bid for riches?

    Besides, Eddie can afford to divert some of his tranny money to pampers and similak.

  2. Margaret

    I hope she takes the scum bag to the cleaners.

  3. Planned? Wanted ?What the hell is this golddigging whore even talking about? Hahahha

    She knows damn well Eddie doesn’t want to have a thing to do with that little bastard!

    This is just pathetic… has she actually started buying into her own hype or what?

    Ridiculous cow.


  4. devil

    If Eddie didn’t want to support a baby, he should have taken the appropriate precautions against creating one. Now he’s gotta suck it up and do the right thing.

    If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the fiddler.

  5. Sue

    Gooood for her :)

  6. Zekers

    …what devil said. If a guy is going to go there unprotected, then he’d better be prepared to at least financially support the child he helped create…

  7. LoRider

    “Oh baby don’t worry about protection – I’ve got it all taken care of”

    “I can’t have children”

    “I’m a money-grubbing whore who wants to suck your life savings out of you”.

    Which one of the above plattitudes do you think Scary used on Eddie? Child support became a “bid for riches” when these skank whores started demanding multiple thousands of dollars per month to raise an infant that, at best, would cost a few hundred a month to raise and these liberal court systems, which are usually out to screw the father as hard as possible anyway, went along with them.

    The fatal flaw with most guys is they are just looking to get laid and don’t realize that women have the complete upper hand in control of the baby-making. I hope it comes out that Eddie has had a vasectomy since 1996 and that Scary, like every other bow-legged whore on “Maury” has no idea who the baby daddy is.

    Ride Lo

  8. Zekers

    Sounds like LoRider has met the Friend of the Court…forgot to wear his raincoat one night?

    Keep in mind LoRider, that you’re talking about a select population. Most women don’t operate that way. There are a lot of women who become pregnant and support/raise the child by themselves-no help from the ‘sperm donor’ who helped create the child…Always two sides to a story…

  9. nastybugger

    “The fatal flaw with most guys is they are just looking to get laid and don’t realize that women have the complete upper hand in control of the baby-making.”

    I beg to differ. There’s this neat invention called a condom, and a GUY can actually buy it on his own with no help from a woman, and put it ON when he wants to have sex.

    and if he doesn’t have one, or can’t get one, and STILL wants to get laid…well, then, he’s got to take responsibility if a pregnancy results.

  10. sassymommy

    Don’t forget, this chick is already a multimillionaire from her time spent lip-synching as a Spice Girl. I think she’s putting this on blast to embarrass Eddie Murphy, and good for her. He’s acted like a total douche.

  11. Celebrity lawyers come at a cost. I’d be embaressed doing the PR routine. Why? It can be handled outside of the media, oh wait, Glorious Gloria needs to have her face in the news. Ego’s, money and ego’s. Who cares about the kid?

  12. sassyne

    Eddie is just plain SORRY. HE had sex with no condom, a baby was conceived, now STEP UP. He is not a man. MEl B doesn’t need his money, but I would take him for every dime I could. Hit him where it hurts. His pocket. I don’t care how good of a father a man claims to be, if he isn’t taking care of ALL of his kids, he’s a DEADBEAT. No exceptions. Angel has nothing to do with how how he feels about Mel B. She is his child, and should be loved and supported just like his other 6 kids. I have no respect for him now. Tracy Edmonds is a piece of mess also. No, Angel isn’t her child, but any woman who deals with a man who has a child and does nothing for it, is scum also. How can she, as a mother herself, condone Eddie not having a relationship with and not supporting his baby? She is worthless too. I bet if Babyface left her two sons alone and stop paying child support, she’d have his butt in court too.

  13. green cardigan

    This whole thing reeks of Liz Hurley / Steve Bing. He acted like an absolute asshole when she discovered herself pregnant, saying they hadn’t been in a monogamous relationship when the child was conceived.

    When the baby was born, the DNA test proved Steve bing was indeed the Daddy. He settled to pay the minimum he possibly could in child support, and Liz said ‘thanks, but no thanks, we’ll manage’. She has my eternal respect for that.

  14. tatiana

    I’m sorry green cardigan, but Liz is crazy for that. I would have had Steve’s b@lls in a sling. Yes, I can see her feelings were hurt, but no, I would have hit him in his bank account. EVERY child deserves support from both parents. Steve should have been taken to the cleaners. Liz did just what he wanted her to do, which is nothing. I hope Mel B keeps persuing Eddie for child support. The low down b@stard will think next time he has sex with no condom.

  15. LoRider

    LMAO – you girls make me smile. Eddie is a “low down bastard” for not having a condom on – what does that make Scary? It might make her a money-grubbing, scheming whore. I agree Eddie has to step up and pay for the care and maintenance of the child, but past that Scary doesn’t deserve to profit one red cent. It is a child, not a vendetta you mercenary bi+ches!

    Ride Lo

  16. green cardigan

    I respect Liz Hurley because she proved she didn’t get pregnant for the money it would gain her, she wanted her name cleared and her son acknowledged.

    I’m sure Steve Bing’s been wearing his socks in bed since.

  17. tatiana

    green cardigan, I can kind of see where you are coming from, but for the majority of women, they hardly “benefit” from the darn near pennies that the court orders non custodial parents to pay. Eddie just happens to be a millionaire. Well, so is Mel. She may not have it quite like Eddie, but she has money also. She definitely doesn’t need the money he will have to pay. BUT, he needs to pay it. It’s the principle. Eddis is a low down b@stard, because of the way he has handled this whole thing. Instead of being a man and coming forward and acknowledging even the possibility that the baby was his, he ran like a little boy LYING saying she wasn’t his. THEN the b@stard refused the paternity test and had to be court ordered. THAT’S why I said he was a b@stard.

  18. judy

    I hope it comes out that Eddie has had a vasectomy since 1996 and that Scary, like every other bow-legged whore on “Maury” has no idea who the baby daddy is.

    ^^DNA test proved that he is the father. Vasectomy’s aren’t fool-proof, either. As far as child-support, sure, babies only cost about a few hundred dollars a month. So, she should be dressed in wal-mart clothes and drinking generic formula, while daddy gets to go off and play, while eating, drinking and wearing the best that money can buy.

  19. green cardigan

    tatiana _ I see where you are coming from too. I agree, it is a matter of honour, Eddie Murphy should stand up and acknowledge his daughter, and stop acting like a weasel. DNA has proven he’s the father. Just as Steve Bing was forced to acknowledge his son. But it shouldn’t be just about money . All these people are rich and it doesn’t take 10s of thousands a month to keep a child clothed, fed and happy.

    I wouldn’t even start to compare MEl B/Eddie Murphy and Liz Hurley / Bing to us normal folk. They live in a different kind of reality.

  20. stolidog

    um, you are all missing the point here…does the name Suri Cruise ring a bell?
    Eddie and Scary planned the baby because Eddie is a H.O.M.O. and needed a beard with a baby. She no doubt caught him with some young boy or another doing freaky stuff, got freaked out and attempted to expose the freaky side of him (not the H.O.M.O. side of him (she already knew about that)) so he ran away and attempted to dissasociate himself from the whole thing.

    This has nothing to do with irresponsible sex.

  21. QUEEN


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