Meghan Ory Gets Dolled Up On The Set Of ‘Once Upon A Time’ [PHOTOS]

Kelly Lynch | August 19, 2011 - 5:45 pm

Meghan Ory dressed up like a two-bit diner trollop on the Vancouver set of Once Upon A Time, ABC’s attempt at turning fairy tales into an episodic success.  With her stomach showing, hair tied in pigtails and heavy use of red, Ory teetered around in heels and socks (hmmmmm).

VIDEO: Check Out A New Promo Of Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time come from the minds behind Lost, which will hopefully bring in a large following-at least for the pilot episode.  I’m not quite sure if the plot is television-focused, given that the fairy tale characters are stuck in a modern-day Maine town without any recollection of their identity.  I know.  I’m confused, too.