Megan Mullally’s Talk Show Euthanized

January 5th, 2007 // 3 Comments

It turns out that “Just Karen” had about as much success as “Just Jack.” E! News reports on the cancellation of the talk show hosted by the woman who formerly reprised the role of America’s favorite busty lush:

The former Will & Grace star’s freshman talk show became the first syndication casualty of the new season, with NBC Universal announcing Wednesday that The Megan Mullally Show has been canceled.

Bless her heart. She seems like a perfectly wonderful woman. But I think we wanted less of the smart glasses and more of the cleavage of which we had grown so fond.

Megan Mullally Shown to the Door [E! News Online]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Draya

    I wanted to like this show, because Megan was hilarious on Will & Grace. But the show was unwatchable. The interviews weren’t funny, and the guest list got lamer and lamer.

    She’s talented, but she needs a script to work with, like most actors.

  2. Brian

    I tried watching the show a few times and it was truly a PAINFUL experience.It was just not funny at all and even Megan seemed to know from the beginning it was a train wreck waiting to happen.

  3. Megan Mullally’s show was different. It was torcherous to some while it was pleasing to others. I thought that her show wasn’t given enough of a fair chance. Mullally’s show was simple and pure in the facts that it had original tones to it, like it or not. Mullally wanted to get many people involved in her show and she demonstrated her happiness and bubbly behavior as the sassy and simply kind girl next door. She was the kind of gal that many of us would have wanted as a next door neighbor, instead of a dope smoking crack head, to help out in times of need or who could help us out.

    It is my outspoken opinion, and I’m an outspoken director across Alberta Canada, that Megan’s show had a bright, funny and peaceful way about itself. “The Megan Mullally Show” may have tanked in the ratings, which I’m sure, is part of NBC’s fault. The show may have been unable to stack up to some of its competitors but blindness does not qualify as taste. Sure alot of these other talk shows had big money and fancy gold rings and Caddy’s, metaphorically and somewhat literally speaking. But is that the very anals of show business where money talks over simplicity? I’m afraid it is. Shame on NBC. Megan got a raw deal.

    I vowed that if NBC cancelled the show that I would boycott it. The show was cancelled so let the boycotting begin. Megan, we love you and miss you. If I had the cash, I would put you in at least two years worth of productions. But I’m an indie film maker and, unfortunately, we “indies” don’t have much money if any money at all- for now.

    That’s my outspoken opinion of the day.


    Tom Millan
    Indie film director and producer
    “Kindred Gem Films Corp 1998″

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