Megan Fox To Play Circus Freak in ‘Passion Play’

Megan Fox, who has been busy contemplating the future with Elle Magazine and posing for Armani, is quite the mysterious lady. How she is able to continue getting roles and playing in films despite her lack luster performance is clearly not that big a mystery once you see those photo spreads in Elle.

Now she is going to star in the new indie film Passion Play. The film has yet to be picked up by a distributor, but also stars Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke. A pretty decent cast to be sure. Hopefully that saves Megan’s performance this time around. Shia Lebeouf can only do so much work.

Seen here at the 35th Annual Toronto International Film Festival premiere of the film in Toronto, Canada, Megan looks lovely in her blush colored dress and red lipstick. This movie actually seems quite interesting, hopefully a release date will be set soon.