Megan Fox Kisses & Tells To British GQ

Summing up her function as an actress, Megan Fox confessed to British GQ, “My only job is to get up, take a shower, do my hair and look attractive.” And she does it with panache, doesn’t she?

One aspect of the job that doesn’t excite Megan is on-screen kissing. Fox confessed to the mag that she finds it “fucking gross.”

Relating one experience, Megan explained, “This one kid I had to kiss had just eaten. And he passed a piece of whatever it was into my mouth. Not on purpose, like it was in his tooth or something. And it was really salty. I almost cried. I was a bitch for the rest of the day.”

However, there is a happy ending to this story. Megan claims that swapping spit with Shia LaBeouf is always a pleasant experience. “I’ve said it before, he’s a really good kisser,” Fox confesses.

Gallery Info: Megan Fox’s photoshoot for British GQ.