Megan Fox Finds Prostitution Exhausting

Megan Fox had some interesting complaints about her newest film Jonah Hex. Apparently, being a slut is damn hard work (only onscreen that is).

She calls her role in the film, in which she plays a prostitute, “grueling” and the most difficult role she has ever had to act. Although, I guess when all you ever play is “Teen Hottie 1,” playing a hooker is like, you know, a stretch. The movie also stars Josh Brolin.

“It was only five days I filmed and I’ve never been more exhausted to
film something,” said Fox, pictured with boyfriend Brian Austin Green in L.A. yesterday shopping for some tropical fish. “I was out of my league. Everything was above my head. I
just tried to stay alive.”

Just staying alive seems to be a theme in her movies too, from Transformers to Jennifer’s Body. Oh yeah, and also being totally hot. How about if you just play an old hag for once, huh Megan?