Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Would Get Engaged Again To Piss Of His Ex?

Aw, I bet Megan Fox misses the days when she could grab Brian Austin Green’s package in public and no one even knew who she was. Now, when the ex-Transformers star left her home yesterday she wouldn’t even come out from under her hat.

Megan recently purchased a $3 million 5,200 square foot Hollywood home and her man has moved in with her. “[Brian] moved in and has been living in her new house for a while,” confirmed a source to E!. So are they engaged again? Not engaged? The insider believes the on and off pair will get married and soon. How soon?

Well, Vanessa Marcil, Brian’s ex and baby mama, is engaged (to Carmine Giovinazzo) and the source says “I wouldn’t be surprised if Megan and Brian announced an engagement to overshadow Vanessa’s wedding. Either right before or right after–I could totally see that happening. It would drive Vanessa crazy.”

Really?!? How perfectly 90210 of them! I didn’t even know the former costars/item has issues like that, but I guess they had custody issues back in 2008, and custody battles definitely bring heat. I’m not sure if Brian would actually do that, but it gives you some insight into how not cool everyone is with each other that we may just see an engagement in the near future.