Megan Fox’s Sexiness Is Rewarded

April 24th, 2008 // 8 Comments

All of Megan Fox’s hard work–being born and breathing in and out–has finally paid off and she’s been voted FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World for 2008. The list includes 100 women and despite any misconceptions that I might have previously held about her declining sex appeal in recent years, Britney Spears managed to snag the 100th place on the list. Granted, it’s at the bottom of the list, but at least she made it on there.

I really don’t understand what everyone sees is Megan Fox, unless having a perfectly-proportioned frame, full lips, shiny hair, soft, blemish-free skin and piercing eyes is a GOOD thing.


More photos of Megan Fox are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. DruNken LauRen

    I hear ya, other than all the things you pointed out, the chick is nothing different than you and me.

  2. Sassygirl

    She bugs me. The most unappealing thing about her is that she comes off being so full of herself.

  3. Your Mama

    I know she has all the components to be super hot but when I look at her, all I see is bad skin and a generally dirty looking person. Maybe it’s the 10lbs of greasy makeup. Regardless, I’m in a tiny minority.

    As an aside, doesn’t being at the top of a list that includes those skanks from The Hills, a Kardashian, a Hilton, Hohan and Tara Reid make you the queen of crap?

  4. Bird

    Gorgeous girl, but what’s with the tattoo? Marilyn was wonderful and gorgeous, but on your forearm? Weird.

  5. sc

    She is average to me cute girl but not the sexiest woman alive.

  6. spaz

    well said, Your Mama, well said.

    I feel the same way. she does have all of the components to be hot, but I, too, see somewhat of a skank when I look at her. I think it’s the make up and the overabundance of tattoos.

  7. she is my hot favourite heroine in hollywood

  8. Jose

    Beautiful bad about the tat.

    She looks like Carol Alt

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