Megan Fox’s Life Imitates Art In ‘Passion Play’

It sounds like Megan Fox’s career is about to make a revival  People have been buzzing about, Passion Play,  a drama thriller also starring heavy hitters, Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray.  Fox, spotted above leaving Matsuhisa restaurant with husband, Brian Austin Green, in Beverly Hills, plays “a lady who is kept in a glass box as part of a carnival attraction,” in the movie.

The former Transformers actress identified with her character, Lilly, so much in the movie she “wanted to be her forever.”  Passion Play is one of Megan’s favorite roles she has taken, admitting she especially appreciated the vulnerable nature of her character.

Passion Play’s director, Mitch Glazer, also saw similarities between Fox and her character, “When I had lunch with her she was so vulnerable and mysterious and as I talked with her about the role of a woman who people pay to watch in a glass box and about the objectification of women, I looked through the window and there’s a wall of paparazzi photographing her as we’re eating and I thought, if this girl doesn’t understand this character – nobody will, because that’s really her life.”

I hope Passion Play and the upcoming, Friends With Kids, showcase Megan Fox in a whole new light.  I think Fox is one of the most interesting and hottest young actresses right now and I disagree with the majority of the public about her acting skills, Jennifer’s Body was amazing!  I just hope she doesn’t ruin her face anymore by getting more Botox or plastic surgery.