Megan Fox Thinks Superwoman Is “Lame”

November 17th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Megan Fox is not that popular, it seems.  After making a careless statement about a certain woman of superpower, critics came down hard on Fox.  Fox proclaimed that Wonder Woman “Is lame.  She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible.  I don’t get it.”  Oh Megan Fox.  Keep those mind-bending thoughts to yourself.  When you share, it only makes things worse. went to town on Fox after that statement, comparing her to the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.  Step back, Fox.  ‘Cause according to the site, Carter has seven movies under her belt, twenty-one television shows , Won the 1972 Miss World USA contest and released two albums.

Carter only starred in seven movies?  Why are we comparing Fox’s career to Carter’s again?

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Megan Fox Casual Office Building Beverly Hills
    Commented on this photo:

    When you take away the 7 inch heels and breast implants, this girl’s beauty is nothing special. What a ridiculous culture we live in.

  2. Author Ittie

    I just got it. She has invisible powers, but she’s human.

    It is lame. It’s an excuse to walk around in a 20′s style bathing suit all day in front of an audience that is sitting at home eating dinner.

    Comparing those superhuman invisible powers would be like, say, a talentless screenplay writer stealing someone else’s script and then having a major studio back him up, even though it’s obvious to them that he stole it, because he at least stole a very valuable property that they are profiting from greatly. Then when his writing grows more and more lame they bring in other writers to help it seem like nothing is wrong, but something is obviously wrong so, they attack his name to more stolen screenplays to make it more believable that the guy can actually write creatively, rather than just putting trite nonsense down on a piece of paper and handing it it to be filmed. They give him more money and keep him employed because the stolen work is still making them a lot of money even though he can’t handle the job and reacts by lashing out at those around him, whose simple questions about character cause him immesurable psychological pain. The invisible powers come to his aid again and attack anyone who complains of on the boss abuse.

    Meanwhile, us little people at home get to watch all of the glamor, but if we are so much as 15 minutes late for work because the trashmen have broken the law by arriving every hour on the hour the night before, revving their powerful and obnoxious engines and banging industrial-sized trashcans around making it sound like WW3 has begun, we are immediately fired for the expense we caused the company and the bad work ethic we’ve displayed.

    Wonderwoman is lame.

  3. Author Ittie

    corrections –
    attack is “attach”
    on the boss abuse is “I’m the boss abuse”
    glamor is “glamour”

    now it’s perfect

  4. dude mister

    you cant say wonder woman is lame because everything that makes her is kinda magic isnt it her armor was made by the guy who makes god weapons and since she is from that island she has super strength but i do have to ask one thing about her why is it out of everygirl on that island we only ever see wonder woman fly?

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