Megan Fox Shows Off Her Little Baby Bump [PHOTOS]

Megan Fox Bikini Pics
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green enjoy fun in the sun.
We finally get our first real glimpse of Megan Fox’s baby bump. She and her husband Brian Austin Green were spotted leaving the Romance Nail Salon in Studio City, CA yesterday (June 6, 2012).

Megan looks to be wearing an ‘angel caller’ necklace often worn by women during pregnancy. The pendants consist of a metal sphere containing a chime which should be worn at belly button level.

As the chime sounds when the expectant mother moves, it is said to call on angels, dissolving negativity and bringing love and protection to the baby.

Once the new arrival makes an entrance the charm is then hung above the crib, soothing the baby to sleep with same sound the little one heard throughout the pregnancy. 

That’s some pendant. Do they have anything like that for puppies?