Megan Fox Makes Her Broadway Debut, Then Jets To Russia

It’s been a busy few days for Megan Fox.  Monday night (November 14th) she appeared alongside Jack McBrayer, Paul Bettany, Tracy Morgan and Sarah Silverman in Montblanc Presents 24 Hour Plays On Broadway.  “Megan was very nervous and excited about her performance,” a source told Us Weekly.

Fox reportedly enjoyed her first onstage experience.  The source also revealed that “Megan had one line that she was a rabbit, but what she really wanted to be was a computer programmer.  The line was a direct result of the orientation the night before, where actors are asked to say one fun fact about themselves. Megan said she was a kick-ass Halo player, so the writer wrote it into the script.”

After that, Fox hopped a plane to Moscow, Russa, where she joined Clive Owen at the Russian launch of the Vertu Constellation touchscreen phone at Volkhonda Art Center last night (November 15th).

Learn More About The Vertu Constellation Phone

According to the Daily Mail, this is the first time the exclusive phone will be sold in Russia.