Megan Fox Gets Her Pink Ugg On, Won’t Have Kids With Friends [PHOTOS]

'Interview' Magazine
Megan Fox in the July 2010 issue.
Showing off her inability to dress properly without the help of a stylist, Megan Fox sipped on Fiji water outside a bagel shop in Los Angeles yesterday (March 12th).

The 25-year-old currently stars in Friends With Kids as Adam Scott’s girlfriend, but could never see herself conceiving and raising a child with a friend. “I could never do it,” Fox told at a recent screening. “I could never pull it off. But maybe some people could get away with it and be happy with the results. I just…I worry about it.”

Fox felt a bit out of her league while filming with such a talented bunch of actors, including Kristen Wiig, Chris O’Dowd, Maya Rudolph and Jon Hamm.  “There’s so many actors in this that are just geniuses,” Fox said.  “And it was amazing to get to just watch them work and observe them in their natural habitat.”

Have you seen Friends With Kids yet?