Megan Fox Struts It To Broadway, Wears Sex Shoes Running Errands

Hell hath frozen over, kids. Megan Fox is becoming a playwright.

Photos: The face of a Broadway thespian

I’m not reaching for the moon here and presuming that she’ll be as good as our beloved, Darren Criss or the talented Hugh Jackman. Hell, David Arquette is probably better than her. But the pressure that those gents don’t have that Mrs. Fox does is boobs a 24 hour timeline to work with.

Megan will be starring on Broadway’s 24 Hour Plays, which gives stars like Jesse Eisenberg, Sarah Silverman and Gabourey Sidibe 24 hours to write, rehearse and perform their short play, in order to raise money for the Urban Arts Partnership charity.

If it’s any consolation to the New York patrons that are spending $250 a pop to see her performance, maybe she’ll make up for her talent by wearing some sex-me Christian Louboutin shoes like she did while running errands in Los Angeles yesterday. Bravo for that!