Meg Ryan: Free Falling

April 18th, 2005 // 12 Comments

Meg, in the future please wear a bra.

[via WOW Report]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ksaw

    Wow! That’s swinging at an all time low!!

  2. it’s not like anyone’s looking at her so why bother?

  3. ali

    one word: Yucky

  4. Steve

    Such a shame, she was so cute at one time. I fell in love with her when she was in “The Doors” since then it seems to be downhill. Aww hell, I’d still give her a toss.

  5. When “Booby Met Coochie”? “Supportless in Seattle”?

  6. whiskershrimp

    It’s refreshing (if not attractive) to discover at least one Hollywood actress who hasn’t succumbed to plastic surgery. Mind you, this could be the reason she’s not working at the moment …

  7. neenles

    actually she did succumb by getting those hideous fish lips. thats probably the reason shes not getting work. she looks too distracting now.

  8. Naimie

    Uh-oh, it’s the incredible shrinking Meg Ryan. It started with her face now it’s going down to her boobs…watch out, her (pu)’nany next.

  9. Meg Ryan had a VERY public round of plastic surgery about three years ago that drastically changed her look. JANE did a cover story on her, though, and she was semi-hostile when asked about it. Though unconfirmed by her, it was speculated that she had few other facial nips beyond lip implants.

    Most people thought she was A-dorable before. No comment on the after.

  10. medea

    she looks like a crawfish

  11. cetta

    Is that really a boob and not a stick pointing out? She’s so weird.

  12. sheelah

    i’d like to see some candid shots of you all. Yes, her surgery is unfortunate but it’s comments like these that make women get these procedures in the first place. Her breasts are where most 4o something year old breasts are. Get over it and look in the mirror. Think about what your messages are saying to your girlfriends, sisters, and mothers as they age.

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