Meet The Terrorists

July 18th, 2005 // 8 Comments

The bombers: Hasib Hussain, Germaine Lindsay (dark cap), Mohammad Sidique Khan (light cap) and Shehzad Tanweer.

MI5 last year vetted one of the bombers behind the London attacks and judged he was not a threat, a report said on Sunday, as police searched for a support network of planners, bomb-makers and financiers.

The Sunday Times, citing a senior government source, said intelligence agency MI5 had assessed the eldest of the bombers, Mohammad Sidique Khan, but concluded he posed no threat and failed to put him under surveillance.

It just goes to show you, no matter the amount of intelligence that we have, people can slip through the cracks. That’s why terrorism is so scary.

Hunt for London bombing network fans out across globe [Yahoo!]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. London Girl

    They are Pakistani. Just thought I’d mention this fact before some of you start ranting about ‘camel jockeys’….

    I hope they pay for what they’ve done…NOTHING justifies what they did….absolutely nothing…..

  2. erin

    okay, i am really stuck on this whole war thing. i believe that we should be kicking the peoples ass who did 9/11 and the london bombing. i also believe we are fighting the wrong people and i think bush is a moron the only thing is for the people who don’t believe in the war what do you suppose to do after 9/11 if you didn’t want ware, what were we suppose to do. i’m sorry i just had a heated debate with one of my friends.

  3. Bedstuy

    Why would you even post this. You know its going to descend into racist classist useless bullshit. Terrorist are crazy. Period. and really hard to catch. But I guess if we nuke half the planet that might work. And somewhere there are a bunch of clowns who think that this is a possiblity.

    This is a site about celebrity bullshit. Don’t mix in politics.

  4. wheres the celeb dirt? if i wanted the news i'd tune to cnn

    am i the only one who gets nervous when i see a person of that ethnicity on a plane? i hate that all this has made me think that way. but i agree with Bedstuy… let’s stick with the celeb dirt and leave the heavy issues to a site more qualified to talk about them

  5. samsang

    Listen, do yourself a favour and do not post about terrorism, fundamentalism, or politics. Please.

  6. Holliday

    This is not a topic to be made into a wise ass comedic bit. The London attacks were a tragedy and should be mourned and not paraded as a racist, anti-Islam post.

  7. Informed

    I think this was posted to show how average and normal and inconspicuous th eface of terrorism could be.

  8. London Girl

    I’m sure Miu didn’t intend this to be an Islamophobic or racist post. HOWEVER, there are many racist and close-minded people on the internet that could easily turn this into a place to vent their racial anger. Then people who are more open-minded start to argue with the racists/Islamophobics and then the whole thing turns into a heated argument.

    Miu, remember what happened with the Oprah and Hermes thing? You were forced to close down the topic and write a post warning us to ‘play nice’ when it comes to comments etc. Sorry I have to say it, you brought the whole thing on yourself. By posting controversial topics like this you know FULL well that the whole topic can turn into complete chaos.

    So STOP posting political-related news and start posting things that are actually relevant to the blog. If I wanted to read up on the terrorists I would’ve gone to BBC news or any other political site. NOT a gossip site. And quite frankly I’m surprised you haven’t yet posted about Jude Law admitting he chated on Sienna Miller with his kids’ nanny. It was announced yesterday morning….

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