Meet The Jolie Family

July 22nd, 2005 // 14 Comments

I know this photo is almost identical to the photo posted yesterday, but Zahara is just so beautiful. A few others after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. anni

    Now Maddox has to walk for once! He will most likely have a hard time adjusting to no longer being the “baby”. What a gorgeous family, no man needed in this picture!

  2. K

    Hey, Maddox can walk!

  3. JRide

    What’s funny is that the women Ange is with looks like Jennifer Aniston.

  4. Taking the baby out for a paprazzi jog, 2 days in a row. It’s the PERFECT way for an infant just out of the hospital to rest up, get acclimated to America and bond with mommie.

  5. Kim

    Ok for one Toby, you dont know how long the baby has been out of the hospital, for two the two different postings of pictures look like they were taken on the same day. I wish people would just pipe down a little and let her live her life!

  6. Aww, come on, Toby, what new mother doesn’t wanna show her baby off??!! …And what a beautiful baby she is, too!

  7. J

    I think it’s great and all, but this is the same person that had 3 drops of Billy Bob’s blood in a crystal necklace ……

    i don’t know … that’s just too odd for me.

  8. whatusay

    Why does she have to use the babies head as a chin rest?

  9. bad bunny

    ya know what…this child along with maddox, is recieving a financially secure life that otherwise would not exist due to the kind nature of this odd woman. who cares about her past… clearly all that was before she knew of life’s enrichment of family and motherhood.

  10. J

    “ya know what”…. like I said, it’s great, BUT I just see the “blood crystal” as a sign of ..I don’t know.. mental instability.

    I’m not going to put her on a pedestal due to $$$ and third world kid adoptions. There are numerous families with avg. income that adopt more than two childern.

    No need to get defensive…. It was just a commment.

  11. Ana

    Angie is an awesome mother. Leave her alone..and her kids are cute. As she said before, she has a childhood problems when she was younger and her son had changed her and how she looked at the world today. Being a mother helped her to become a better person…so leave her past to the past…there’s no need to rub it in her face, jeeshe!

  12. Muneka

    I think no matter who or what Angie is or was, she is helping people at places where no other has ever been… on top of that she is giving a great life to two kids that had been left and unwanted from their own parents she is taking that place that no one would… her money is not just going to cars and luxury is going to places that are helping poor people… she is not a show off like others… she is who she is… and yea woman makes mistakes when they in love that’s why the phrase “love is Blind” it could happen to anyone if she did what she did for bob she was in love… but what don’t people make mistakes or not just because she is ANGELINA she is not suppose to, before I just like her cuz she is pretty and tuff now as I read about her and her simplicity of woman I love her… so no matter what people said or not Angelina will and she is making a big difference… as a role model she good so if u don’t like her well sucks for u she still hea and will always be hea… many of us are very proud of her… good luck Angie best wishes always…

  13. Chelsea

    How cute is Zahara Ange is just the best woman in the wold:A un ambassador, an adopted mother of 2 and still has time 2 be in Movies.

  14. im wondering if she’s thinking to go here and save other kids in the Philippines. Anywayz, poverty is so different here compare to Africa.

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