Meet The ‘If I Can Dream’ Cast

If I Can Dream is the first of a new generation of post reality entertainment. Created by Simon Fuller, If I Can Dream will document the authentic story of five young people who dream of success in Hollywood, revealing every moment of triumph and struggle along the way. It will allow viewers to interact with the individuals and the narrative in real time.

If I Can Dream gives open access to a show in a way that has not been attempted before. Watch every move live online as they rehearse, write, socialize and plan their careers. Will these aspiring hopefuls have what it takes to succeed and who will be next to join If I Can Dream via a public audition process? Interactive audience participation makes If I Can Dream a fascinating cultural experiment, opening up the American Dream and democratizing the process of the making of a star.

Check out the video to meet the cast: Giglianne Braga (a high-fashion model), Ben Elliott (an aspiring actor), Kara Kilmer (an aspiring actress) and Alex Lambert (the former American Idol semi-finalist, is an emerging musician).

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